Friday, 20 March 2009

TopDown Raglan Shaped Round Neck -Regia

I can barely remember what I did now but I'm going to copy out the scanty notes I made as I was knitting it.

This was knitted in Regia Bamboo colour 1064 Ethno on 3.25mm needles, tension about 7 sts/1"

I cast on 102 sts onto one circular needle magic looped.

Stocking st for 6/7 rounds,to make the neck roll, then 3 rows k2,p2 rib - to stop it rolling anymore.

I placed 2 stitch markers together to mark the beginning of the round - the centre back then

k18, PM,K1,PM
K10, PM,K1,PM

Wrap the next stitch, Turn and work back (ie purl) to the centre back and continue


Wrap next stitch
Transfer the stitches left for the front plus the two wrapped stitches onto a spare dpn or short circular.

Continue working in st st increasing one stitch before and after each seam marker and at the end of esch row work the wrapped stitch and wrap the next stitch from the front stitches.

Thats the end of my notes.....I must have thought the rest was obvious....

I'm going to make another similar jumper next week so I'll add to this.

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